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Sterling Academy for Household Assistance places eager private service apprentices with busy families to provide hands-on experience working in private homes, thus offering the luxury of private staff at a very affordable rate for families, couples, and individuals with busy lives and long to-do lists.

Lifestyle Resources  (our parent company) is running out of professional private service staff to place!

With many top private service professionals working in the United States aging out of the industry and few private service staff immigrating in from other countries -- we will soon be out of the exceptional quality professional staff we place with the world's wealthiest families.

That's why Sterling Academy for Household Assistance was created -- to train a new generation of USA-based private service professionals for today's contemporary family. Our "Apprentice Program" is designed to not only prepare future candidates for careers in the exciting field of high-level private service but also, make the luxury of private staff affordable.

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Our apprentices will do a variety of tasks such as:

Running errands throughout the day

cooking two full meals per week

Pitching In With Laundry & Dry Cleaning

keeping family calendars up to date

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For more information please leave your contact information below. Someone from our team will reach out within 48 hours.